Reviews from current generation product: 

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The following are reviews from my my original painting and modding practice: 

Reviews for Tier 3 - Steampunk:
"I'm absolutely floored man. First impression when I unwrapped it was awe inspiring. It looks damn good in the pics, but i found myself checking the heft of it to make sure it wasn't a real pistol. The attention to detail, the look, everything about it is utterly glorious. Still a spot rough around the grips and what not, but i'm sure with enough handling it will have that well worn feel to it as well. Can't find a single thing about it that i don't like." - SA
"Wow, you sir, are a true artisan of the modern age. I am a bit of an artist myself. In my spare time, I like to design spacecraft and write a sci-fi screenplay. Before I sound like a pretentious oaf, I'll add that it's merely a pastime of mine but I hope you can see where I get my perspective.
In short, the paint job on the Maverick is worthy of a gallery piece. The detail gone into the 'rust' effect is meticulous and the way the gloss has that hauntingly eerie sheen truly captures the eye. You're not selling guns, you are selling art, except that your canvas is a toy gun. I can appreciate art coming from the unexpected and I can safely say I appreciate, nay, I admire your work. It must take a lot of discipline to accomplish what you do.
I'm also sure it must pain you at times to part with your pieces considering the effort you infuse in them. Personally, I don't see how you do it." - WS
Review for T1 - Shiny Black:
"I got my gun a few days ago and its fantastic. The thing looks gorgeous and mechanically has exceeded my expectations.Every time I pull the trigger I know it'll go the distance, fly true, and look damn good doing it. Well done, Ryan!"-M
"I've had my gun for a couple of weeks now and I have to say that my  
initially favorable impression has not diminished one bit. It's  
difficult to believe that this thing is a toy. My weapon is both the  
envy, and bane, of my  peers that participate in our ongoing office  
nerf skirmishes. From the realistic looking paint job to the internal  
modifications -- this is truly an impressive piece with the attention  
to detail being second to none.
While the wait for the gun to be completed was not an inconsiderable  
period of time, your ongoing communication -- complete with pictures  
of the progress to date -- demonstrated a professionalism and  
attention to customer service that is just not generally a part of the  
internet purchasing experience. The final product was more than worth  
both the wait and the cost. Well done dude!!!!
Hey Ryan -- I am in the middle of a computer case mod right now and it  
occurred to me that the graphite colour on the gun might be perfect  
for some of the detail work that I am planning -- would you mind  
sharing the product name that you used for the base graphite colour?
Thanks, K"