Frequently Asked Questions - General

FAQs - General

This is a complicated question, but to simplify it: Usually the same distance as stock. In the Maverick days, mods would significantly increase distances, but since the old darts would rarely land within 5 feet of the target, this was less critical. Modern blasters and darts are so much more powerful AND much closer to their maximum potential out of the box that hardcore modding not only isn’t necessary, it’s detrimental to the durability of the blaster. There are exceptions, but gains are not the critical criteria of modern mods.

In certain other cases, such as flywheel blasters, we can get more gains out of conversion to LiPo power and new batteries. In those cases, performance numbers will be pubhlished on the site. 

Does the paint affect performance?

Not at all. I would not ship a blaster that didn't work at least as well as stock. The moving parts on some blasters will feel a bit tighter for a while, but the actual firing of a dart is always exactly as good and usually much better than stock. 


As there are a lot more variety of blasters these days, shipping is quoted per project for now.

The most complicated question, and to avoid having to quote individual projects - I’ve said it in a few places, my work goes way beyond the average. For that reason, my pricing is significantly higher than the average etsy/ebay seller. You’re getting a premium custom product that more importantly has a paint job that won’t scrape off easily.  

The biggest factor in pricing is the time and precision I put into the hand sanding. If you don’t properly and thoroughly sand a Nerf blaster, the paint will scrape off easily, even with clear coat. Therefore, I spend MANY hours sanding these. If you don’t want or need this level of quality and durability, there are plenty of sellers who offer blasters much lower priced. No hard feelings.

 I am also preparing to offer blasters painted via airbushing, and those will carry significantly higher price tags, but will look amazing compared to spray can paint jobs. 

I calculate the base pricing in the following manner:


Base Price of blaster at retail + Cost of materials at retail +  time sanding + time painting + time finishing = final cost.

The blaster price is whatever the current retail price is. This is usually a set amount, and I do not account for sales because they are rare, and this time, I am not stocking up on individual blasters. If you are looking for a very popular and discontinued blaster, you will either need to be prepared to provide it yourself, or pay whatever the current market value is. For example, the Nerf Rapidstrike is currently at least $90 online at any given time. One can sometimes find them at Toys R Us for less, but not usually. 


Sanding paper/blocks - Varies with each blaster and size. The smaller ones take about $5-6 in sanding material. The larger blasters can eat up $15-18 or more.

Paint - Similarly paint supplies are easily about $10-12 for smaller blasters, and can be $20-30 or more for the larger ones. Market conditions and painting types can affect this.

As stated above, I am preparing to set up an airbrushing station for ultra high end paint jobs, and those paints will cost a lot more, and the process will cost a lot more, and it's optional, but you'll get to see pictures and videos of that later. 

So this means that MY cost of materials is anywhere from $15 to over $50. This is added to the retail price of the blaster itself to arrive at the Base Rate. This base rate is not my profit, or revenue, just the cost of materials to accomplish the level of paint quality and durability that I am known for.


This varies with job type. Some require very little, and will be just a couple of dollars worth of materials. This can skyrocket into the hundreds after custom parts and finishing. For conventional mods, such as lock removal, re-greasing, post/AR removal, I don’t charge anything for that, since it only takes a few minutes while I’m putting the blaster back together. Other mods, such as LiPo mods for the Rivals, entail much more.


I charge labor according to a scale that I feel is well more than fair.

For my previous BATTLE READY class of sanding, I broke this down further, but going forward, I’m going to let the following images tell the whole story.

For a fantastic illustration of the difference my process makes, take a look at the following image:

Sanding Sample   001

These are two MAGNUS blasters. The one on the left has spent hours being sanded ( not finished, just the top part ) and the one on the left is full stock. Notice both how nice and matte the plastic is on the left, AND notice how smooth and rounded the corners are at the top? This feels WONDERFUL in the hand. No more scratchy, sharp corners.

Some more examples:

Sanding Khaos 01

Sanding Khaos 02

Sanding Khaos 03

This is the difference my process makes. It takes a long time, and it costs more, but if you want the best, it's worth it!


Same story here. I’m no longer breaking this down, for simplicity sake. See published images for more.


Adding all of this together, we arrive at the following final prices ( before any additional expensive mods or paint detailing ) and the final, pre-shipping price is listed on this page.

These days, there are a lot of third party handcrafted or 3D printed mods. Most of them are not painted. I’m perfectly willing to order, paint and install any other mods you might like to have, just let me know, or I’ll suggest options. Pricing is determined on a case by case basis.

I am also evaluating the possibility of buying a 3D printer myself and doing my own mods. I am fully capable of 3D modeling, I just don’t usually have an excuse to do so. Let me know if this is something you’d like me to do, and if you’d buy mods from me.

You don't need to wonder, I have made a list of ALL current gen, available and coming soon products and their size class by my definition. 

* - Pocket is not a size I normally price out. I will often include them for very little extra if you order a normal size. No one orders pocket size solo. 

When a blaster is listed with two sizes, it means that it's a judgement call on my part, and depends on the nature of the modifications and paint work. 

Size Chart would not fit in this page, but is listed on the "MOD AND PAINT PACKAGES" page. 


Like the first time I did this, I will get more questions about this process than any other part of my operation. 

The short version is that in order to produce the HIGHEST quality final product, I have an INSANELY detailed hand sanding process. This process takes more time, effort, and materials than any other custom painted Nerf seller by a factor of at least ten. 

The long version: 

I use various tools, from raw paper to sanding blocks to Dremel bits to sand down every blaster over a period of MANY hours. The end result is that the original glossy plastic, that will not take a primer or paint, is GONE. Once I paint and seal the finish, short of scraping it against a stone wall, it's not likely to come off. 

Don't really do that by the way. I don't cover that kind of abuse. 

But the point is you want a custom paint job that not only LOOKS great, but holds up to wars. 

Yes, it costs more, but I break down the cost elsewhere in this FAQ, and my pricing is well more than fair, and I have sold over 200 of them historically, so a lot of you agree. 

For those of you new to this process, here is what a properly sanded Nerf Blaster looks like before I start the painting. 

Sanding 001

These are two MAGNUS blasters. The one on the left has spent hours being sanded ( not finished, just the top part ) and the one on the left is full stock. Notice both how nice and matte the plastic is on the left, AND notice how smooth and rounded the corners are at the top? This feels WONDERFUL in the hand. No more scratchy, sharp corners. 

Here is one of the parts up close. Notice that it's covered in red dust? This is part of the process. A LOT of material gets shaved off. This allows the painted blaster to function smoothly even with a detailed paint application. I wash this off and sand again about a DOZEN times per part.  

Sanding 002

Finally, here is a view of a nearly complete set of parts placed together. 

Sanding 003

It's matte. It's beautiful, and it's ready to paint. More than 22 hours have been dedicated to making this a sanding masterpiece. This level of sanding process is no longer available, but if you really want it, I'll send you a quote. 

This is the difference my process makes. It takes a long time, and it costs more, but if you want the best, it's worth it!



I'd really like to accomdate here, and in the old days I did, but since these are all custom, one off projects specific to each customer, it is impractical for me to offer any workable return or refund system. There simply are not enough "ready to ship" order types to cover my losses. Plus, no one wants a blaster that someone else already had then rejected. 

So please be sure that of what you want before placing your order. 

If there is demand for it, I will create a secondary market page on my site and allow you to list your blaster for sale, and help those transactions. I'll have to work out a fair price for this, but for now it is the best I can do. 

I get it. There are more than a couple of pages to visit to complete an order, but here is the minimum you need to know. 

First, do you want a custom order, or to order a READY TO SHIP option? 

If you want a READY TO SHIP, start there, and skip CUSTOM ORDER and head to ONLINE STORE.

Start either with the CUSTOM ORDER link

Or the ONLINE STORE link

If you are ONLY interested in one of the READY TO SHIP options, you do not need to visit the first link above, only the ONLINE STORE. 

Either way, you fill out the form for a custom order, or choose a ready to ship option, and go the online store to pay the appropriate price class. 

Once you have either completed the form, or chosen a ready to ship, and sent me an email about it, then paid for your order at the online store, that's it. You're done for now. 

I'll keep you updated as I go alone- I mean along. No wait . . .

As these are custom projects that are only put into the order queue once you place and pay for your order, the amount of time will vary. 

The current system I have is based on a calculation of activities and how many days each will take. 

The full chart looks like this: 

Actual Amount of time each Class takes

Assuming NO overlap or backlog


Blaster Class

Waiting Period for payment / Purchasing base blaster and materials

Prepping and Materials


Base Coats

Waiting Period before Hand Detailing

Hand Painting

Clearcoat finish

Waiting period for Clearcoat

QA and Testing

Packaging and Shipping

Total from Order to Ship


5 Days

1 Day

2 Days

2 Days

1 Day

2 Days

1 Day

7 Days

1 Day

1 Day

21+ Days


5 Days

1 Day

6 Days

3 Days

2 Days

6 Days

3 Days

7 Days

2 Days

1 Day

31+ Days


5 Days

1 Day

10 Days

3 Days

2 Days

9 Days

3 Days

7 Days

2 Days

1 Day

43+ Days

How does the order backlog affect this? 

There are a lot of variables here, but the above numbers assume staggered orders without any overlap for certain stages, such as the sanding, which I can only do one at a time. If I have several large blasters in the queue, your wait time can exceed six months or more. I promise it'll be worth the wait, but I will post on the site if there is an unusually long wait time.

At this point, no. These projects are already more of a hobby than my actual income source, and although they are priced at a premium, every last dollar worth is going into hard labor to make it happen. There isn't any actual "profit" built in and thus, heavy discounts are likely to make it difficult to continue to offer these. 

I recently lowered the scope of production I do on most of the levels of blasters to increase volume slightly. This results in lower final prices, so if you saw the original prices, please do not mistake this for lowering my pricing overall. If you bought a blaster at the old price, you still got your money's worth and no, I don't offer pro rated refunds, because what I'm offering now is not the same as what you got. What it means is that I re-evaluated the time and materials I put into most blasters, and reduced it by more than half in most cases, and this means I can offer them at a lower price point. This ALSO means that they aren't as thoroughly sanded as I'm known for and still WAY more than most sellers, but the end result should never be noticable. If you want the FULL HARD CORE sanding process I'm usually known for, just ask and I'll charge the rate appropriate for that level. 

This also means that there will be no further discounts, coupons, monthly sales, or other promotions. This is the final pricing I'm offering. 

That said, if you want to order a HUGE number of blasters ( I have had this happen twice ), let me know, and I'll work something out. 

In the event that an order is placed and paid for, but is never picked up, or cannot be shipped to a valid address, is returned to me and the customer does not respond or resolve the issue, the order will become invalid 60 days after the original ship date. The product will be returned to inventory for sale, and no refund will be given. 

Please make sure that you provide a valid shipping address. See "Shipping Issues | Invalid Addresses" FAQ for more. 

Please make sure that you provide a valid shipping address.

For orders of $199+ I will ask you to confirm your shipping address by emailing you a copy of the shipping label before I ship. 

In the event that a shipment is returned to me, I will email you a photo of the package with your address on it, and a copy of the original order reciept, either from Etsy, or from my own shop. 

If you entered your address incorrectly, you are responsble for paying for a new shipping label and most likely new shipping package. I do not cover this. 

In the event that I have to repackage and reship your order due to your shipping address being incorrect, I may have to charge additional shipping to replace the packaging assuming I didn't use a flat rate box. 

Your replacement shipment will only go out on a day when I am shipping another order. If you need your order sooner than this, I will charge a $5 fee to make a special trip. 

If you do not provide shipping within 60 days of the original ship date, your order becomes invalid, and will be considered an "abandoned order". See "Abandoned Orders" FAQ for more on this. There is no refund for this.